Technical Work

Research Publications

Please see my DBLP entry for a list of publications.

My PhD thesis on arXiv


US10191943B2 Decorrelation of user-defined function invocations in queries

Professional activities and talks

  • Served as a reviewer for ACM SIGMOD, VLDB, TKDE and COMAD.

  • Member of the organizing team and demo track chair for COMAD 2008.

  • Given talks at VLDB 2005 (Trondheim, Norway), VLDB 2008 (Auckland, New Zealand), ICDE 2007 (Istanbul, Turkey), CSI Annual Convention 2009 (Pune, India), Science Council of Asia 2010 (Manila, Philippines), and at various industries and research labs including Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs - Bangalore, TCS Performance Engineering Division and National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL).

Selected Projects

  1. Lead the research, design and development of a strategic tool for a leading database and ERP product company to automate rewrite of reporting applications to optimize database access. The tool is the first of its kind. It combines program analysis with query rewrite to achieve holistic optimization of applications.

  2. Member of the team that designed and developed a distributed ETL Engine for a well known database tools company

  3. Key contributor to the architecture and design of Best Practice Analyzer for a well-known database server product

  4. Lead the design and development of a non-intrusive change data capture tool for incremental update of data warehouses from transaction logs

  5. Designed and implemented an extensible authorization system with support for recursive rules using Prolog

  6. Founding member of the DBridge project at IIT Bombay

  7. Designed and implemented semantic caching with fine-grained concurrency control in a middle-ware product

  8. Extensions for sort order optimization and optimization of nested queries in a Volcano-style cost-based optimizer

Teaching at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

  • Introduction to Database Systems (core course for undergraduate students)

  • Operating Systems (core course for undergraduate students)

  • Database System Internals (elective for graduate students)

  • Advanced Topics in Data Management (elective for graduate students)

  • Database Systems Lab

  • Operating Systems Lab